Sam the Cooking Guy

"Just Grill This"

Here's what the PR people say: "Zien shares over 120 recipes and a bevy of unconventional ideas that are perfect for the grill master or grill novice who wants to try something new." Bevy? Unconventional? Sounds like me.

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"Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts"

My 2nd book, and this one has more great food, great tips and great nonsense. It's a cookbook that's also interesting to read.

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"Just a Bunch of Recipes"

This is my 1st book and has 126 of my favorite recipes, and as my editor says:

“Sam's exuberant personality and off-beat sense of humor shine through in every recipe”

‘Off-beat’?... guess I’ll take that as a good thing. You can order online from any of these fine establishments:

Wanna have a look at a few pages from one of the chapters? Click here.